Neighborhood News

HPNA Wishes You and Your Family a Happy 4th of July

The Hollywood Park and Carlton Tract Neighborhood Association would like to wish you and your family a Happy Fourth of July!

A Few Things About Saturday the 4th of July:

  • The organizers of the Traditional 4th of July Parade have have informed HPNA that they have CANCELLED the parade for safety reasons.* So, no parade this year, but they plan to be back again next year.
  • Mason the antique firetruck will be driving around the neighborhood spreading 4th of July cheer!
  • We encourage everyone to spend some time sitting out in your front yard to try to catch Mason driving by or neighbors walking their dogs (or anyone else for that matter) to wave, hoot, and holler!

Enjoy a safe and fun holiday!
-Your HPNA Board

* This is not an HPNA event.