About HPNA

Working to improve Hollywood Park since 1992.

HPNA Mission

  • To enhance the livability of the HPNA neighborhoods by establishing and maintaining open lines of communication with various government agencies, businesses, and other organizations.
  • To act as liaison for the HPNA neighborhoods with various government agencies, businesses and other organizations.
  • To provide an open process by which all residents of the HPNA neighborhoods may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhoods.
  • To promote greater cooperation, communication, understanding, and mutual support among residents of the HPNA neighborhood.

Board of Directors

There are nine members on the Board of Directors (Board) who are elected to staggered two–year terms. The Board is responsible for managing the affairs of HPNA and is accountable to the membership. The Board is charged with seeking input from the members in developing HPNA policy or procedures.

The Board meets at least once a month. These meetings are open to HPNA members; however, only Board members may vote.

2023 BOARD

  • LYNN HUMPHRIES, PRESIDENT – LynHumphries@aol.com
  • Vice President – Open
  • DEBBIE FRAYNE KELLER, TREASURER – ddtkeller@comcast.net
  • CHRIS NOEY, BOARD MEMBER & NEWSLETTER EDITOR – chrishollywoodpark@gmail.com
  • Board Member – Open
  • Board Member – Open
  • Board Member – Open


HPNA committees meet regularly to help with projects in the neighborhood. Members are welcome to serve on the following committees and/or volunteer their time to help make things better in Hollywood Park.

  • Business Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Neighborhood Improvement Committee (NIC)
  • Land Use and Development
  • Safety Committee
  • Sign Committee