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Meeting Minutes: January 15, 2024 Special Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes


SPECIAL BOARD MEETING – January 15, 2024

Prepared by Julie Johnson

Call to Order (Lynn) – Meeting called to order at 6:35 pmPresent: Claire Sallee; Debbie Keller; Kat Ebster; Paul Nauman; Lynn HumphriesAbsent: Sequoia Erasmus; Nick Miller; Jill-Marie Quorum confirmed (6 of 9 Board members present) Guests John Maradik-Symkowick

Supports HPNA submitting a letter supporting the City’s application to the

Meeting Minutes: January 4, 2024 Board Meeting

Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes

Date: January 4, 2024

Prepared by Claire Sallee

Present: Lynn Humphries; Claire Sallee; Debbie Keller; Kat Ebster; Nick Miller; Jill-Marie; Paul Nauman

Absent: Sequoia Erasmus; Julie Johnson

Guests: Cassandra Cortez and Jennifer Donlon Wyant (Transportation Planners, City of Sacramento)

Call to Order at 6:07 p.m. (quorum)