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Leaf Season Collection

red-maple-leaf-507545_1280While is might feel more like May with these 80 degree temperatures, it is in fact Fall. We might not be ready for scarves and riding boots just yet but the leaves are in fact turning and that means it’s time to gear up for Fall yardwork. Below is some information pulled from the City of Sacramento’s website on this years Updated Leaf Season Schedule, along with some guidlines to ensure you are properly disposing of the right yard clippings in the right place.


The impact of the prolonged drought on Sacramento trees could mean an earlier than normal leaf drop. The City plans to modify its leaf season pickup schedule for 2015. Residential customers can legally place yard waste piles in the street for collection:

First Day Out October 19, 2015

Last Day Out January 31, 2016

Weekly residential yard waste container collection will continue year-round on a customer’s usual collection day. Leaf pile pickup typically occurs approximately every two weeks and will usually not occur on your regular collection day.


All streets will have at least one collection between October 19 and October 30, 2015. A search feature will be added to this page by October 30th and residents will be able to get estimated collection dates by address.


More than 27,000 tons for yard waste is collected during leaf season and over half, 14,000 tons is picked up during weekly container service. Filling containers first helps us remove material faster.


  • Piles should be no more than two cubic yards in size (4’X4’X9′ pile).
  • Place the pile six feet from any obstruction (cars, boats, basketball hoops etc.)
  • Make sure there is space between the curb and pile to allow water to flow to storm drains. Do not place piles in bike lanes.
  • Piles should not be in plastic bags.
  • Acceptable Yard Waste Materials
    • Leaves
    • Grass trimmings
    • Tree and shrub prunings
    • Christmas Trees
    • Sod (with dirt removed)
  • Unacceptable Yard Waste Materials
    • Trash and debris
    • Pet feces
    • Excessive amount of dirt
    • Lumber and concrete

Information Sourced from Recycling & Solid Waste | City of Sacramento