What is this I hear about a neighborhood sign for Hollywood Park? 
How often do you tell people that you live in Hollywood Park only to hear a pause followed by a politely confused, “where’s that?” Well, the Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association (HPNA) has set forth to attempt to eliminate such confusion by constructing a neighborhood sign sculpture. We believe that a uniquely original Hollywood Park sign will inform the rest of Sacramento about the strength and vibrancy of our little community. More importantly, we believe a sign sculpture will reinforce our own sense of identity as a neighborhood.


What is the Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association (HPNA)? 
The HPNA is a voluntary public benefit organization that exists for the purpose of enhancing the livability of the Hollywood Park neighborhood. We (the board memebers) serve as liaisons and advocates on behalf of the neighborhood to connect neighbors with government and neighborhood businesses. By coordinating several events throughout the year, we work diligently to build a real, tangible, and physical community, and thus weave the fabric of what it means to be a neighborhood.

Quarterly general meetings are held with various guest speakers – including our elected representatives and the Sacramento Police Department, along with the publication and distribution of a quarterly newsletter are organized to bring up to date information to the HP community. A few of the organized community events that  you may have heard of (and hopefully attended!) that the HPNA is currently proud of are;

  •  4th of July Parade
  • Quarterly neighborhood cleanup days
  • Mega-Yard Sale
  • Ice Cream Sical and Movie Night
  • The Holiday bow project for neighborhood lampposts
  • Mistletoe abatement program
  • Harvest Hollywood Park fruit picking group
  • Hollywood Park Neighborhood Produce Exchange


What is the winning design for the sign? 
You can see images of the design that won the vote here.


Who is the designer, Casey Marshall?
Casey Marshall, of Fabritype Maker Co. (fabritype.com), is a Sacramento based inventor, architectural designer and urban fabricator with, according to Comstock’s Magazine, a “dash of mad scientist.” Marshall has more than 20 years of design, fabrication, construction and architectural experience working for himself at FABRITYPE as well as for several Sacramento-based firms, including Mogavero Notestine Associates and ImageWorks Architecture Inc. Marshall’s clients include the Sacramento Kings, VSP, Peet’s Coffee, Dreyfuss & Blackford

​ Architects, Warehouse Artists Lofts​, Univision, and Waste Management to name a few​. An artist’s artist, Marshall recently produced a public art piece and sundial at the ​new ​Warehouse Artist Lofts on R Street in addition to the sculptural ​seating found along the front of the building  Very recently he was​ featured ​on ​Channel 31’s ​Good Day Sacramento for his current work being installed at the Aerospace Museum of California.


What was the process for coming up with the sign design?
While the HPNA Sign Committee toyed with designing the sign itself originally, we were painfully aware of our own lack of expertise. To provide the neighborhood with the best product possible, we were hopeful to find someone to design the sign and made several callouts to the neighborhood for help. After speaking with and meeting several different craftspeople and sign fabrication companies, the Sign Committee was connected with Casey Marshall of FABRITYPE. Marshall’s enthusiasm and purpose-conscious design approach quickly won the Sign Committee over. Marshall presented some rough ideas of a sign sculpture based on the vision outlined by the Sign Committee to have a sign that evokes the era in which Hollywood Park was built and reflects the creative, working class neighborhood that we are today. In May of 2015, Marshall refined those ideas and presented three different concepts at a special meeting of the Sign Committee, in which other HPNA board members and a few neighbors who had expressed an interest in the project participated. After taking into consideration his resume, designs, estimated budget, and ability to oversee the project in every phase, the Sign Committee recommended that the HPNA board approve Casey Marshall as not only the designer, but also the fabricator of the Hollywood Park neighborhood sign. Marshall presented the three sign sculpture designs at the July 2015 HPNA board meeting. The sign sculpture designs were approved at the August 2015 board meeting and presented to the neighborhood during the September 2015 HPNA general meeting in which the membership voted for the Front Yard sign sculpture.


How did the HPNA inform the neighborhood about the Neighborhood Sign Project?
The HPNA works hard to communicate all of its activities, including the Neighborhood Sign Project. The main way in which the HPNA communicates with the neighborhood is by delivering a quarterly newsletter ( The Hollywood Park Herald) to almost every residence in Hollywood Park, free of charge. An Article in the Fall 2014 Hollywood Park Herald and the October 2014 Land Park News actively solicited participation in the Hollywood Park Sign Project. In addition, the Hollywood Park Sign Committee made several announcements using social media to seek help with this effort. Updates on the project were provided at the December 2014, March 2015, and June 2015, general meetings of the HPNA membership. Finally, an email announcement was sent out to announce the July board meeting in which Casey Marshall was to be decided as the designer/fabricator of the sign. The Fall 2015 Hollywood Park Herald also announced that Casey Marshall was selected as the designer/fabricator and that the vote on Marshall’s three sign sculpture designs would take place at the September 2015 general meeting. Announcements were posted to Facebook and Next Door. The HPNA regrets that a preview of the sign sculpture designs could not take place at the Ice Cream Social as planned.  

In response to neighbor feedback, the Sign Committee created these pages to be the definitive resource for information on the project going forward.  In the future, any news or updates on the Hollywood Park Sign Project will be posted to this web site first.


How will the sign be paid for?
Two of our neighborhood’s elected representatives, County Supervisor Patrick Kennedy and City Councilmember Jay Schenirer, have each pledged $7,000 towards the sign. The HPNA would like to raise an additional amount from fundraising efforts to provide opportunities for the neighborhood to celebrate and take ownership of the sign effort. Although a goal of $7,000 has been mentioned as a target for these fundraising efforts, the terms of the agreement with the designer/fabricator, including final costs, have yet to be determined. 


How big will the sign be?
The sign itself will be 10 feet tall. The sculptural elements of the sign — the steel chairs, lawn mower and rake — will be approximately one and a half times normal size. As a result, when sitting in one of the chairs, a full grown adult’s feet will dangle. 


Can’t we just have the sign, and not the other stuff?
We could, but without the sculptural elements, the sign would be just like any other sign on Freeport Blvd. It wouldn’t look out of place, but it also wouldn’t feel like a neighborhood sign. By including the sculptural elements of the lawn chairs, lawn mower and rake, the Casey Marshall sign sculpture creates a unique space that neighbors can engage with that is intended to communicate the feeling of what it means to be the neighborhood of Hollywood Park. 



What about graffiti​ and attracting vagrants? 
While anything in the public way is subject to abuse, the rugged steel construction and electro-plated zinc/galvanized protective finish will not only provide an anti-graffiti surface, but will also stand up to bending, burning, scratching, marring etc. without significant effort.  The name of the game is to not provide an enticing spot for vagrants and vandals to do what they do. The minimal solid surface area does not provide the ideal “blank canvas” for a graffiti vandal, and the oversized metal chairs will be angled in such a way that the ergonomics won’t be too comfortable after a few minutes or so. Comparatively, the nearby bus stop and overhangs found on nearby buildings are just as inviting (if not more) to passing vandals and vagrants.

​ ​


How did you pick the location for the sign?
HPNA Sign Committee members searched the county parcel map for land that appeared to be public.  After discovering three possible locations we narrowed it down to the corner of Freeport Blvd., Stacia Way, and Shielah Way.  We approached the city who confirmed that the land wasn’t private property and could be a possible location for the sign.  We chose this location because it provides a large footprint for the sign and high visibility for both neighbors and non-neighbors.


How can I help?
You can help by coming to the presentation of the sign sculpture design at our open house on October 26th at 6:30PM at Hollywood Park Elementary School. The open house will be hosted by the HPNA Sign Committee along with our guest, County Supervisor Patrick Kennedy. You can also help by volunteering in our fundraising efforts. We welcome anyone interested in coordinating these efforts or simply working any events that result from these efforts. Please contact HPNA95822@gmail.com if you would like to help out with this effort.


How do I donate money?
You can donate money via PayPal by clicking the button below:

You can also contribute by mailing a check to Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association, P.O. Box 22278, Sacramento, CA, 95822.  Please make a note that the donation is for the “Hollywood Park Sign Project” with your Paypal donation or on your check.  HPNA is also planning a few different fundraisers so stay tuned to this site for more information on that!


Why wasn’t more of the neighborhood included in voting on the design of the sign?
At the start of the Hollywood Park Neighborhood Sign Project, the HPNA Sign Committee wanted to have the entire neighborhood vote on the sign design. The logistics of how this would occur would prove to be far more difficult than just conceiving the idea. We simply did not have the resources to conduct such a vote.  The HPNA board decided that the next best option was to ask HPNA members to vote on the designs at the general membership meeting on September 16, 2015.

There were two justifications for the decision to have the vote at the HPNA meeting and not at the Ice Cream Social/Movie Night: First, a presentation that occurred immediately prior to the movie would not allow for any discussion; and second, the entire Hollywood Park Neighborhood Sign Project had been spearheaded by the elected board of the HPNA and, therefore, the board thought that it would be appropriate for the HPNA membership to make the final decision–after all, all neighbors are eligible for membership.


How do I become a member of the HPNA?
All residents of the Hollywood Park neighborhoods within the boundaries of Freeport Blvd., Sutterville Road, 24th Street, and Fruitridge Road, are eligible for membership in the HPNA. All that is required is submission of minimal contact information and a $15 membership fee per household for each calendar year. Membership fees support the activities of the HPNA and membership status confers the right to vote for and be nominated to the HPNA board of directors.


What is the HPNA Sign Committee?
The HPNA Sign Committee was originally formed of three HPNA board members: John Maradik-Symkowick, Greg Brown, and Eric Negendank. The current Sign Committee is made up of eight HPNA board members, in addition to the original three: Karla Fung, Chantel Elder, Ross Levine, Hilary Moise, and Victor Vasquez.


Where can we find out information on the status of the sign, volunteer opportunities, or upcoming meetings?
Up to date information on the Sculpture Sign Project will always be posted first on the Latest Info page on our website.  While we will often use other methods (NextDoor, Facebook, Newsletters, Posted Signs) the website is the official source for all sign-related information, including this FAQ! 🙂