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Seasonal Artwork

Children are encouraged to create seasonal artwork based on the themes listed below. Any family that sends us an email by the end of each month with a picture of your child’s artwork in your window gets their name in the next newsletter and/or on the HPNA website.

Email submissions to

In lieu of the city sponsored Ice Cream Social which has been canceled due to COVID-19, HPNA is launching the September Ice Cream theme. The first 50 entries that we receive will also receive a cold treat from HPNA! When you email us, please provide the name of your child as you would like it to appear in HPNA media.

  • September: Ice Cream ( due September 30 )
  • October: Fall Festival – apples for Apple Hill season or fall eaves, pumpkins, etc ( due October 31 )
  • November: Turkeys ( due November 30 )
  • December: Snowflakes ( due December 31 )