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Meeting starts at 6:30 -ends at 8:00, the meeting was conducted over zoom due to the corona virus

Attending: Jeff, Jannelle, Kathleen, Debbie, Lynn, Laurie, Vincent, Julie, a quorum exists. Community member who is also HPNA’s webmaster Anthony attended first half hour or so of the meeting to report on HPNA website.

Minutes Approved from May 14, 2020 Board meeting: Lynn moved to approve them and Debbie seconded, unanimously approved

Draft of Letter to Local business advertisers approved, Julie motions to approve, seconded and passed unanimously

June 2020 General Board meeting to be held via zoom

Board discussed content for the June 17, 2020 HPNA general meeting including creating a survey to ask HPNA members about HPNA. Included in the discussion about the survey was the following:

  1. How to get more kids involved
  2. How members would like to be in communication with HPNA, including how they would
  3. like to receive the HPNA newsletter
  4. What do members want the HPNA to accomplish?

Action Items:

  1. Vincent will draft a survey for use at the general meeting and to send out via email to members
  2. Jannelle will contact Tenley to see if she has anything to present at June general HPNA meeting
  3. Laurie will reach out to Chelsea of Raley’s to see if she will present updates about the shopping
    center and/ or info about Raley’s (Laurie had updated the board of some of the businesses in
    the new Raley’s shopping center, including the opening of Jamba Juice and the August opening
    of The Habit. The other businesses in the center will include KACE nails Spa, a pet store and Safe
    Credit Union. (The old Raley’s is being used by Raley’s r their ecart business)
  4. Vincent will take next steps on new neighbors outreach by printing four-color “Welcome to the
    Neighborhood” flyer and identifying to whom the flyers should be delivered.
  5. All Board members will continue to reach out to neighbors to recruit new board members,

Next business committee to meet at Kathleen’s house on June 23

Next board meeting to move from zoom to lawn of Centennial Methodist Church