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Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes for October 10, 2019

Present: board members: Nilan, Jeff, Janelle, Laurie, Julie Community members: Vincent, Patty

A quorum existed so the board could could vote in binding decisions.

Meeting called to order: 7pm


Nilan motioned and Jannelle seconded a vote to make the following three officer position appointments:

Board put Debbie’s name forward per her request to be the treasurer. Former interim Treasurer Victor is interested in stepping down. Board unanimously voted Debbie Keller in as the new HPNA treasurer.

Janelle nominated Jeff to be board vice-president, the board unanimously voted in Jeff as vice president. Board voted unanimously for Julie to become secretary.


Sept 10, 2019 Board Minutes were passed unanimously


60 homes participated in mega HPNA yard sale, according to yard sale coordinator, Patty Turner. Patty is interested in talking with Hollywood park Elementary about coordination book fund raiser/fall festival on the same day as the HPNA yard sale for next year


Vincent proposed making a map/brochure for new homeowners in Hollywood Park and coordinating a mailer/letter to new homeowners. Either Matt or Vincent, or someone else who has access to the MLS and information about new homeowners could coordinate a letter from HPNA, a recent newsletter, and a flyer with names of helpful businesses/organizations in the neighborhood such as cleaners, restaurants, drug stores, schools, “Best of the neighborhood” kind of idea

Other News: Jeff reported on City Council meeting: at the meeting, council members named park in Crocker Village after furniture designer Eames and asked permissions to go after grants for city of Sacramento from Cal Trans for $250,000 grant. Jeff wrote a letter of support from HPNA and expects to
hear back by Spring 2020 whether Cal Trans will give grant to the city to study the Freeport corridor

Business committee: Hollywood park day care wants to drop her ad (pull for January), /Julia Whitmore wants to pull her ad as well Next newsletter is December and then March 2020. Next ad deadline is November 8, 2019

Social Media: Anthony does social media and said he would volunteer to upgrade the HPNA website Chris regularly updates facebook, Jeff sends out mail chimp to our members and next door, as appropriate. Ask social media volunteers to attend next board meeting on November 14th.

Social Media volunteer emails:,,

Report from September 2019 general meeting: Police officer Lieutenant Chandler:

CRIME: Laurie reported a Hollywood park neighborhood theft occurred the night of the mega yard sale. The assailants were able to get into the house and get car keys and they drove off with the victim’s cars. Police have not responded yet to the victim’s phone calls, according to Laurie

Halloween contest: Jannelle reported that someone at the general meeting wants to do a Halloween contest and said she would lead the committee. Jeff and Jannelle will follow up by posting something on mailchimp about the Halloween contest

Holiday home decorating discussed. Laurie would go door to door to ask for neighbors’ involvement. Jeff mentioned putting Halloween photos in next newsletter and publicizing holiday home decorating contest in the newsletter

Next General Meeting: Patty said if we move the general meeting in December to December 13th that Wally could bring his firetruck. Patty is talking with Wally about showing up with his antique fire truck for the December general meeting. Jannelle suggested making a $50-$100 or upward donation to Shriners as a way of thanking Wally for his firetruck. Patty will check in with Tenley to make sure HP Elementary can host a December 13 party.

March 2020 newsletter discussed since Nilan is currently formatting the newsletter and will be stepping down from the board in December. Nilan will find out about pricing for InDesign.

Next Business Committee meeting is October 22, 2019 at 7pm at Laurie’s house

Meeting adjourned at 8:23pm