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Board of Directors Meeting: 05/14/2018

Meeting called to order: 6:30 pm by President Nilan Watmore
Attendance: Hilary, Cassandra, Dylan, Megan, Nilan
Guests: Azia, John

April minutes: Approved, with one addition by Victor via email.

Business Committee report – JR:

  • Many business members are past due to renew memberships, and no new ad buys have been made lately – only two still current for next newsletter.
  • Have lost about $300 in business membership revenue, plus ad revenue.
  • JR is not able to continue running the business committee. HPNA has to decide if it will find a new person or stop the business membership/solicitation program.
  • Spreadsheet of current business members is in HPNA google drive.
  • Goal will be to work on renewals for ads and business memberships for next newsletter.


  • Will go to the printer this Friday.
  • Ideas for future content: business spotlight, neighbor spotlight, article in Spanish

Financial report

  • VV emailed report on HPNA financials to Board.

CommuniTree Project Update: CS

  • Postcards for fundraising mailer – Azia will follow up
  • CS proposed applying for seed grant for scavenger hunt event. CS will work on the grant application.

Pedestrian Safety

  • HM and NW recapped workgroup meeting on 5/2 (see HPNA newsletter article)
  • Discussed future attendance at workgroup meetings, HPNA will reach out to neighbors who have expressed interest in engaging on this issue

Meeting with SLPNA

  • SLPNA board leadership would like to meet with HPNA Board. NL and DS will meet with them to discuss mutual issues.
  • Del Rio Trail, cannabis businesses, homelessness, code enforcement

Website Improvements

  • Find someone who knows how to do it
  • DS will check with SLPNA on cost
  • A new format and web design would be easier to maintain and make the site compatible with mobile devices.