Neighborhood News

Raley’s New Store Opening in Land Park

Raley’s has shared the following information regarding the opening of the new store on Freeport Boulevard with HPNA.

Raley’s is set to open our new location in Land Park on Wednesday, April 15th.

Given the realities of COVID-19, this opening will not include any traditional celebration. But we do plan on properly celebrating with the community at a later date.

We ask that customers abide by the shelter-in-home mandate and only come to the store when they need food and essential items. If you do come to the new store, be aware of the following safeguards:

  • We have added new signage to help guide customers on where to gather in line at common areas like the check-stands, coffee bar, meat counter and pharmacy.
  • We have also included signage to enforce social distancing, including marks on the floor.
  • We will be monitoring the number of people in store and if needed, will limit the number of customers in at any given time.
  • While the shelves are fully stocked, we will limit the number of products to a maximum of two items per family per visit, on the following products: milk, eggs, water, fresh packaged chicken and paper products.
  • The new store will have Raley’s eCart curbside and delivery options available. The new curbside pick-up is located on the north side of the store and includes covered parking spots. You can order online at

*PLEASE NOTE: no other retailers/stores in the Park will be open as of 4/15.

Both stores will be open for a few days

The old store will close on Saturday, April 18th at 7pm.

All items in the old store will be discounted as of April 15th.

Plans for the old store

  • It was our intent to share a new tenant as a part of our opening. Given the COVID-19 outbreak, our lease agreement with a new tenant has been put on hold.
  • Our new plan, given the additional time, is to prepare the store for a new tenant.
  • This includes clearing inventory and fixtures, cleaning up the building and making necessary repairs.
  • We hope to resume negotiation talks, post COVID-19.
  • The old store will be secured with new fencing, lighting and security as needed.