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Update letter from Freeport Blvd Transportation Safety Committee

The following is an update letter from the Chair of the Freeport Blvd. Transportation Safety Committee. This content is provided as a replacement for the presentation scheduled for the Cancelled HPNA March General Meeting.

Greetings, neighbors:

We hope you are all coping as best as possible with the changes thrust upon us during these unprecedented times. As a silver lining to all of this, it seems at least in my observations, more and more of our neighbors are out walking and vehicle travel has been drastically reduced. It seems as if its a good time to reflect on how our roads might better serve us as not only drivers, but as walkers and bicyclists. The world will be changing in ways we can’t even begin to imagine, but as it does we must do our best to imagine and create the changes we want for our own community.

With that, we are super happy to release the final version of the Freeport Boulevard Walk Audit Report (click on link here to download). This report includes a description of the May 2019 walk audit and the findings and recommendations of WalkSacramento based on the community input from that event. In addition, the report also includes a summary of the findings from the Freeport Blvd. Transportation Survey. Special thanks goes out to all of you who could attend the walk audit and to all of the FBTSC members that attended meetings and were able to assist in developing and analyzing the survey and reviewing and editing the report.

A draft of the walk audit report, along with a plethora of letters from many of you, was submitted by the city as part of an grant application to seek funding to study, among other areas, the Freeport Blvd. commercial corridor from Sutterville Road to Blair Avenue to develop a transportation plan focusing on safety, mobility, and access along the corridor.

We are expecting to hear back about whether the city is awarded the grant sometime this spring. We’ll keep you all posted. Also, as soon as we are all feeling comfortable and safe enough to have public meetings, I hope to present the walk audit report to our neighborhood associations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

John Maradik-SymkowickChair,
Freeport Blvd. Transportation Safety Committee